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Software Support & Maintenance
FRA Tech.
offers a suite of support options to meet the varied needs of our clients' custom software and production systems after development. They are provided using resources from our development teams and our dedicated client support group. As with our software development practice, our goal is to understand the anticipated short term and long term support needs of our clients after the software is completed. We can then recommend and customize the various services to meet these needs. FRA Tech supports applications based on a wide variety of platforms and technologies, including Web and client/server applications. For both maintenance and support services, we follow established escalation processes to ensure timely response and issue resolution. FRA Tech employs and our own Knowledge-Based Support System to track issues to resolution, ensuring effective knowledge capture and sharing of information. Our systems also give the client continual visibility into maintenance and support activities, and detailed metrics and reporting. 

Software Continuity Plan
We match the client requirements for software continuity in regards to responsiveness and ongoing needs for enhancements, problem resolution, and maintenance with a plan to support those needs by reserving and/or dedicating appropriate development resources. We offer a menu options to support the client's release of their software to their users. Given the needs are highly variable, we offer options a client can pick and choose to support their specific needs.