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Municipal Products
  MacImg Municipal Animal Control & Licensing System
    1 Year Only or 1 & 3 Year Licensing Programs Available
    Tracks Animal Licensing and fees for Dogs and Cats
    Includes the Official State Report as well as an array of financial and informational reports
    An EMAIL BLAST feature in our updated Letters Module.  This function will allow you to generate a merged letter and with the touch of one button, email it to all animal owners who have an email address in the program.  The letter attachment will be a customized letter to that email recipient.  For those animal owners who you do not yet have an email address, you can then print out a copy of the same customized letter for mailing.
    Ability to capture a picture file or scanned document and attach it to an individual
    An Envelope Print key on the animal LICENSE DETAIL SCREEN which will allow you to print the owners address on an envelope for an individual record.
    Added Municipality email field in the Municipality section in the Set-Up.
    Add Municipal email address to all license and license application forms that print on a blank sheet of paper.
    Check for Duplicates when you are adding a NEW license against existing records
    Color coding on License Grid for a dog that has an expired license, rabies will expire, rabies expired, memo attachment, potentially dangerous dog, inactive, a dog bite record in the Bite Module.

  mi&licon Municipal Licensing & Inspection System
    The Municipal Inspection and Licensing System includes:
    Email Blast Feature through our Letters Module
    Ability to scan in a document or capture and attach a picture to an individual record
    Municipal General Business Licensing
    Liquor Licensing
    Bingo and Raffle Licensing
    Burglar & Home Alarm Licensing and Tracking
    Vehicle (Taxi & Limo) Licensing
    Sanitary (Food) Inspection
    Employee Food Course Tracking
    Parking Permits
    Landlord Tenant Tracking
    General Complaints (Including Fine Assessment)
    Email Blast Feature through our Letters Module
    Ability to scan in a document or capture and attach a picture to an individual record
    Rodent Control
    City Lead Tracking

    Works in conjunction with our Business Licensing, Inspection and Complaint Modules Includes:
    Chapter 24 Violations check list
    Sanitary and Violation Continuation State Reports
    Chapter 24 Violations Guide
    Spell Check and Degree Fahrenheit Symbols
    Updatable Chapter 24 Violations Spot Check Locations Table
    Attachable Violation Incident Photos - Uploadable from Camera
    Track-able Establishment Tobacco Sales Field
    Multi-User In-House or Mobile-User via Lap-Top AUTO Sync
    Saves all Previous and Existing violations by Establishment
  ML&TIcon Landlord & Tenant System
    Keep a record of Landlord Registration and print accompanying license by year
    Track the number of tenants/rental unit
    Record Tenant Move In/Move Out dates
    Allow for look up of property by unit, landlord name, block & lot, street address and telephone Number
    Records building type, owner type, emergency contact, registered agent, managing agent, maintenance personnel, mortgage company and contractors (i.e. – fuel type)
    Track licensing fee collections by date and more
    Includes the Official State Report
    Email Blast Feature through our Letters Module
    Ability to scan in a document or capture and attach a picture to an individual record
  MCAIcon Municipal Council & Appointment System
    The Appointment Detail screen allows you to enter an individual Council Member or any Board Member Type information including term beginning and ending dates as well as length of term, Board Type, Department/Commission and Title.  The program grid allows you to view all members at a glance or search for a particular member to view their individual Appointment Detail.  The MCAS Reports screen allows for generation of the Appointment Detail Report, Term Expired Report, and labels and can sort by Board Type, Title, etc. The program also produces a Certification for presentation to the Board Member including all of the vital information related to their term.
  DPWIcon Department of Public Work
    Department of Public Work Windows Software to track Water, Sewer, Road, Sanitation, Shade Tree, as well as Complaint issues handled by DPW Departments within New Jersey.   The program also includes reports and labels for any and all departments and actions, by zone, development or property address.  You will also be able to generate a financial report that will track all monies collected within any time period needed.
  RecrIcon Recreation Tracking & Facilities Scheduling
    Add an Activity including minimum and maximum number of participants, age, grade and gender.
    Includes enrollment start and end date, payment due date, location of activity,
supervisor/coach and all fees associated with that activity.
    Activity can be set-up on a daily, weekly or by sessions for up to 52 weeks.
    All activities can be viewed on a grid with a number of sorting options.
    Registrants can be set-up by individual or family memberships on the same screen.
    Includes medical information, delinquencies, grade and school attending fields
    All registrants can be viewed on a grid with a number of sorting options.
    Email Blast Feature through our Letters Module
    Ability to scan in a document or capture and attach a picture to an individual record
    “Sub Activity” allows you to keep track of activities within an activity (example – “Camp Session” – Activity  “Arts & Crafts” – Sub activity)
    Allows you to enroll a registrant in any number of activities from the same screen
    All participants previous and current activities may be viewed from the Activities Enrollment screen.
    If activity is full a pop-up window will appear with an option to transfer registrant
to wait list.
    Automated fee schedules bases on Activity and Registrant description will automatically populate fee field including any discounts and tax, if applicable.
    Payment types include cash, check, credit card or other with check # and credit card approval # field.
    Allows for activity or equipment deposits, transferring of funds from one activity to
another and refunds.
    All Activity Enrollment information can be viewed on a grid from a number of sorting options.
    Prints a Certificate of Participation
    Schedule Activities –including location, date, and time
    Lists all activities, by member, with outstanding balances.  Allows entry
of full or partial payments.  Screen also includes Payment History for all activities.
  TAIcon Tax Abatement System
    Tracks Tax Abatement including a Tax Calculator
    Tax Exemptions
    Building Permits.
  ClinicIcon Clinic Patient Detail & Appointment Tracking
    Our NEW Clinics program allows for use with multiple clinics including TB, Flu, Pulmonary, STD, Hearing, Eye and SMA to name a few.  It includes patient appointment scheduling and appointment history.  The Patient Detail screen retains information on the patient’s background, medical history, illnesses treated, diagnosis, tests and labs, and X-rays performed, and medication and physical history.
Also included in the program is a report screen, which allows for appointment detail, patient detail and label generation.  Reports and labels can be sorted by last name, city, visit type, appointment date, etc.