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Municipal Products

  Animal Control & Licensing System
    1 Year Only or 1 & 3 Year Licensing Programs Available
  bullate1 Tracks Animal Licensing and fees for Dogs and Cats
  bullate1 Includes the Official State Report as well as an array of financial and informational reports
  bullate1 An EMAIL BLAST feature in our updated Letters Module.  This function will allow you to generate a merged letter and with the touch of one button, email it to all animal owners who have an email address in the program.  The letter attachment will be a customized letter to that email recipient.  For those animal owners who you do not yet have an email address, you can then print out a copy of the same customized letter for mailing.
  bullate1 Ability to capture a picture file or scanned document and attach it to an individual
  bullate1 An Envelope Print key on the animal LICENSE DETAIL SCREEN which will allow you to print the owners address on an envelope for an individual record.
  bullate1 Added Municipality email field in the Municipality section in the Set-Up.
  bullate1 Add Municipal email address to all license and license application forms that print on a blank sheet of paper.
  bullate1 Check for Duplicates when you are adding a NEW license against existing records
Color coding on License Grid for a dog that has an expired license, rabies will expire, rabies expired, memo attachment, potentially dangerous dog, inactive, a dog bite record in the Bite Module.