Employee Time Scheduling - Help Topics / Training Guide


The Employee Time Scheduling System (ETSS™) provides complete time scheduling capabilities designed primarily for employees required to work overtime on a regular basis, as well as handling typical 40-hour weeks. ETSS™ combines the flexibility of preset schedules (standard or rotational) with the capability to easily modify these schedules on either a week-by-week or permanent basis.


ETSS™ provides a complete and comprehensive solution for any time scheduling scenario including extensive overtime equalization parameters easily modifiable to conform with all existing and any future union rules.


The ETSS™ Training Guide provides "step-by-step" instructions for both the novice user as well as serving as a reference for the experienced user. Due to the complexities involved with Overtime Scheduling (diverse union rules, pay differentials for weekends and holidays, etc.), some processes within ETSS™ are not and can not be programmed to be as intuitive as we would like. Throughout the training guide, we have attempted to take the more difficult processes and present them in a concise and instructive manner to enable all users of ETSS™ to be as productive as possible in the shortest amount of time.


The ETSS™ On-line Help Topics contain ALL of the information covered in the ETSS™ Training Guide.